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Seems like IKEA are really shaking things up this year. In addition to the previously announced TV set, they’re also going to release a digital camera made of cardboard called Knäppa (“Snap”). It’ll hold 40 photographs at a time and plugs directly into your USB port. While it’s not the prettiest camera the world has ever seen, I do love the idea of a screen-less digital camera that brings people back to the wait-and-see days of film.



Big hair at Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2013

my time has come. curly haired women, RISE UP

Magic! My first table runner!

I was tagged by crusadermaximus for the five random selfies thing!

The first is my trip to Ireland a couple years ago.

The second is my group of friends who were done with their sorority/fraternity nonsense and decided we would have our own group(slash still be in our individual ones) and our mascot was a unicorn.

The third is when byjoveimbeinghumble and two others dressed in Hogwarts house colors for a wedding.

The fourth is from my first DragonCon and I dressed as a 90’sesque Rogue.

And the fifth is from Germany with my beautiful Sister who was pregnant with my goddaughter!

I invite anyone to do this, because it’s fun! (Also, it took me too long to remember the urls for the two listed above because I’m awful with names!)

Advantages of Being an Adult


1. You can eat cookies before dinner



So much truth.

Anne & Gilbert + friendship/love parallels in Anne of the Island



Lego Microscope

This build was originally inspired by the Lego X-Pod sets. While trying to find a use for the pod itself, I realized that it was very close to a deep petri dish. I used a planetary gear system to allow both coarse and fine adjustment of the objective “lens”. A little more tinkering and I connected the focus to a magnifying glass and fiber optic light in the eyepiece, so adjusting the focus knobs would actually bring the writing on a Lego stud in and out of focus.

via Geeky Gadgets

But how are they supposed to turn the knobs with those useless U-shaped hands?!?

I. I. I didn’t realize it was Legos until I read the description. SO COOL.